CH Safari Stampede The GOAT

​CH Safari Black Sea Secret x CH Safari Stampede At The Copa


CH Safari Stampede Unleashing Greatness

​CH Safari The Fire Inside x GCH Stampede Tumbleweed Ruff Rider


CH Safari Stampede Fire Dancer

GCH Tumbleweed's Angel In Our Midst At Barbil x CH Safari Dark Sea Desire

Our Girls

Watch for "Lexi", Safari Stampede Firestarter - "Bunnie", Safari Stampede Spitfire - "Navy" Safari Stampede Black & Blue - "Phoebe" Safari Stampede Fade To Black and last but CERTAINLY not least, "Georgi" Safari Stampede Angels & Assassins in the ring in 2024.  It will be fun!


CH Safari Stampede The Guardian

​CH Safari Dark Sea Desire x GCH Deloran's Wizard Of Oz

Give Me A Home...Where The Schipperke Roam...


CH Safari The Fire Inside

GCH Safari Pure Itensity x GCH Safari Enchanted Saffire


CH Safari Enchanted Saffire

GCHB Fyrewood's Northern Lights x GCH Safari Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea