" A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

- Josh Billings

Give Me A Home...Where The Schipperke Roam...

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At Safari Schipperkes, we fell in love with our first Schip over 30 years ago.   Schipperkes are our true passion.  We feel very strongly about protecting and preserving the Schipperke breed.  Schipperkes are somewhat rare and we like them that way.  By keeping in contact with our pet owners and micro-chipping any that we produce or own, we help to ensure they NEVER end up in a rescue or shelter.  We are responsible for the fur kids we produce, for life.  It is in our contract that if you are ever in a position to give up your Schipperke, then they must be returned to us.  We require that all pet/companion puppies be spayed/neutered. We will impose a $5,000 fine if this clause is not adhered to plus we will reclaim the dog.  Schipperke puppies are the best but they are not for everyone.  Ask lots of questions to make sure this is the breed for you.

We are committed to health testing our dogs for clearances and registering the results with OFA and obtaining their CHIC certifications.  We test and certify for health in the following categories: Cardiac, Thyroid, Eyes, Hips, Dentition, Patellas, LCP and MPS-IIIB (when not clear by pedigree).  In addition, we participate in OFA DNA Banking for future research on all of our Schipperkes.  We have also participated in rescue throughout the years by fostering, transporting, donating and pretty much anything else that was asked of us or within our means. In the past 30 plus years, we have produced 37 champion Schipperkes and performed well over 100 health tests on them.

​We strive to give them the best we can through love, excellent food, the best veterinary care and going above and beyond to make sure they are well treated and loved for a lifetime. We expect the same from any family we entrust with their care.