Give Me A Home...Where The Schipperke Roam...

We at Safari Schipperkes breed only on a limited basis.  And, we only breed when we want a Schipperke to show.  We are located in North central Texas, near Dallas. Occasionally, we will have pet and/or show Schipperke puppies available as well as retired adults.

We do not ever sell a puppy to breed to your pet Schipperke!

If you are a responsible pet or show home and are interested in inquiring about a Schipperke puppy, please fill out our Adoption Inquiry Form.  Do not be intimidated by the form.  It is a lot of information, but it helps us get to know you better.  We care very much

about where our Schipperke babies end up, so we have a contract and require that all pet puppies be sold on limited registration and must be spayed or neutered.

We breed on a limited basis.  However, if you fill out our application when we have nothing available or coming up, we can put you in touch with a fellow breeder who holds the same very high Schipperke standards we do.   

Schipperke Adoption inquiry form

Updated: 04/26/2024    We’re expecting babies soon!